About Us


OWS Ink is an exclusive literary journal brought to you by the team from Our Write Side. Our team is comprised of fantastic writers and poets as well as graphic artists and editors. Every issue will feature stories, articles, poetry and art carefully selected by our staff. It is our goal to bring authors and readers together with a sense of community and accomplishment.


Stephanie and Amanda (A.L.) were partnered up during a writing project nearly 10 years ago. They learned they had much more than just writing in common and bonded right away. Over the years, they have supported each other's other writing and have grown together, eventually adding Wendy to their dynamic duo. This writing relationship naturally evolved into a dream: to build a writing community that would offer others the support they found in each other. Our Write Side was launched in October of 2015 and has seen incredible growth since.

Happily Ever After

Our Write Side has now grown to include the original site where you can find lessons, blogs, and prompts as well this literary journal. We are now in the process of establishing our own publishing label and setting up our digital bookstore. What was once just a spark of an idea has transformed into a company that will continue to grow and support the writers it loves so much. We are so happy to have you all with us on this journey of words and visions.


The creative trio working tireless behind the scenes to spark your imaginations.

Stephanie Ayers

Stephanie Ayers

Creative Executive Officer

Stephanie Ayers is an author of fictions, and a full-time world-building ninja, seven-time published author enjoying country living in central Virginia, while crafting her own story and resisting adulting at all costs. She mothers her children, loves her husband, attends church, and avoids all things zombies. Read more...




A.L. Mabry

A.L. Mabry

Executive Editor

A.L. Mabry is the Executive Editor of Our Write Side and OWS Ink. She is an author, freelancer, and editor who enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She is an artist and Wiccan who has an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is passionate about many topics and her posts are often laced with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from raising five teenagers, all at once. Read more... 




Wendy Strain

Managing Editor

There are many who will tell you Wendy Strain doesn’t live in the same world as the rest of us, but Wendy will tell you there are many worlds and we all have a choice as to which ones we want to live in. She’s happy to share a few with you and invites you to join along on the adventure of discovering new ones all the time. Read more...