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OWS Ink Literary Journal is a quarterly online and (soon to be available) print magazine. There are a minimum of 4 issues per calendar year.

Magazine Ads:

Duration: Minimum one issue, 10% discount available for pre-paid yearly* runs.

File format: .jpg, .png

Ad Option 1:

1/4 page square

3.625w x 4.55h




Ad Option 2:

1/2 page

7.45w x 4.55h horizontal

4.86w x 6.8h vertical




Ad Option 3:

full page ad

7.45w x 9.3h




Materials should be sent via email to

Refunds:  Refunds will only be issued if your ad is rejected by our staff or the issue your ad was scheduled to appear in is cancelled.

We DO NOT accept ads promoting adult products or services, political or religious agendas; scams or anything the team finds suspect; racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Disclaimer:  All ads are subject to our final approval.  Advertiser assumes all liability for their ad content and responsibility for any claims made against OWS Ink and its subsidiaries resulting from their ad.


For questions or suggestions, please contact

*Yearly includes your ad in the Our Write Side weekly newsletter as well.