Issue: Fall 2016, Volume 1, Issue 3

We held an open call for horror and dark fiction stories based on an introduction we wrote related to items in a time capsule, and boy, did you deliver! We have a total of eight stories, three poems, and 2 fantastic articles, all edging on the darker side of writing, and all unique in their storytelling.

In this issue, you’llĀ find the delicious new writings of B.W. Martin and Dusty Grein, dark poetry from Stacy Overby, Stephanie Ayers, and A. L. Mabry, along with your other favorite new reads showcasing their own dark sides. You’ll learn the difference between dark fiction and horror and even walk away with the knowledge to create your own monster.

If that’s not enough to entice you, we prove it below with a small sampler of the delightful darkness filled between the covers of OWS Inked: Tales from the Time Capsule, Fall 2016 issue.

You know you want more. At $2.99 per issue, it’s a steal. Get your copy today!


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