Issue: Spring 2016, Volume 1

Our debut magazine is off to a great start. We know you stopped by to check it out, and we do not disappoint. In fact, we have even put a short preview together for your enjoyment.

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Need more?

Did you know that each story and poetry shared between the covers developed from a theme (rain) and a visual prompt? Below you can enjoy a few snippets of more stories on their visual prompts. We know you’ll enjoy these.



From Angel Hands by Wendy Strain

“In surprise, No Hands looked up to be sure the woman really meant the food for him but was instead met with the face of the man. The man held out a clean $10 bill for him. Without thinking, No Hands reached to grab it, like he always did, but like it always happened, he had no fingers to take hold, no palm to cup it, no hands.

The white man’s eyebrows rose in surprise like they always did, the people who tried to give him something. No Hands knew he was borken, useless, couldn’t even beg properly. But the man recovered quickly. He bent down further, tucked the bill into the top pocket of No Hands’ jacket.”



From Chasing Legend by Stephanie Ayers

“The wind whirled around her in response and a game of tug of war commenced. The paper fluttered in her hands, yet she did not lose her grip. The corner waved, its symbol winking twice, branding itself in her mind, before it disappeared under a fold. She ignored the wind, the voice, everything but the trees. She locked her sight on the fur tree and stepped forward, trusting her feet to stay on the path. A bough reached out and caught her hair, and a roote rose from the ground. She stumbled. One step, two steps. Her heart hammered her chest as the ground rose swiftly, yet she remained upright, her footing steady.”



From Precious Materials by Katheryn J. Avila

“I lead the way into the tunnel, actually aware of the boss’s critical eyes behind me. Aaron is the only other person following with the rest of the team continuing to work at the main site. The hall we’re in now was definitely residential at some point—most of the rooms had beds. I try not to let my eyes linger on some of the bodies. The attack that took out this particular area happened at night, and most of the victims were killed in their sleep. When was the last time we found so many bodies? After only a few moments of examining the room, the boss puts a halt on the work on the main site and reroutes everyone’s efforts to extracting the bodies. The bulk of my work done, I keep to the fringes of the group—out of the way unless someone needs me.”




From Words Like Rain by David Wiley

“Other shapes and forms emerged from the trees, charging toward Byers and his men like a wild horde of barbarians. Slender cheetahs and massive gorillas led the way, followed by golems and goblins formed from words. A pair of red dragons sprayed a fire of crimson letters as their wings beat the air. Knights in heavy armor, dwarven beserkers, drooling trolls, and elven bowmen marched forward flanked by one beast that barely fit inside the building: the fabled behemoth.”


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