Winter 2017 Volume 1, Issue 1

When it comes to resolutions, everyone gets in on the game. When the resolutions go the opposite direction from what you planned, it can lead to a lot of tears, heart break, and even unexpected joy. Our issue this month encompasses all of these things, much to our delight and yours.

The offerings from returning authors Stacy Overby, Lorah Jaiyn, Nancy E. Miller, Eric Keizer, Stephanie Ayers, and Joshua Robertson are joined with beautiful words from newcomers Andy Peloquin and  Laurel Sparks-Sellers… This journal, now available for downloading and printing through our special link, is sure to delight you.

Get a sneak peek below, and remember… you could WIN a new Kindle Fire with your purchase of an annual subscription. Get great reading every quarter and good luck in the giveaway!

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